Advertising Policies, Terms and Conditions               

Acceptance of Advertisements
All advertising is subject to review by the editorial and publication staffs of THE EAGLE. We reserve the
right to reject copy at our discretion at any time prior to publication. Only the appearance of an ad in the
newspaper can be taken as final acceptance.
THE EAGLE assumes no liability if for any reason it becomes necessary to omit an advertisement. We
also reserve the right to place the word “Advertisement” above any ad which in our opinion resembles
editorial material.
All political advertising must be prepaid.
There is a 25 percent charge for demand placement. Requests for placement that are not paid for will
be considered by cannot be guaranteed.
No class of paid advertisement entitles the advertiser to a news story or free notice. We will try to include
press releases from our advertisers, but we cannot guarantee their placement.
Advertisers and/or advertising agencies are responsible for obtaining photo releases from persons
whose pictures appear in advertisements. The advertiser and/or advertising agency also assumes
liability for all content (including text, illustrations and copyrights) of advertisements printed, as well as
responsibility for any costs resulting from claims arising there from and made against THE EAGLE.

THE EAGLE assumes no financial responsibility for errors in advertisements beyond the cost of the
space occupied by the advertisement in the first issue in which the error was made. Corrections will be
run in lieu of billing adjustments when appropriate. Billing adjustments will be based on what percentage
the error detracts from the effectiveness of the total advertising message as determined by THE EAGLE.
Such adjustments will not be considered unless we are notified in writing of the error within ten (10) days
of receipt of the first monthly invoice.

Payment Terms
Credit granted by THE EAGLE may be revoked at anytime when circumstances such as failure to pay
bills under the specified terms arise. Accounts not paid within thirty (30) days will be considered past
due and will be assessed a 2.0 percent monthly finance charge, which is an annual percentage rate of
24 percent. THE EAGLE will charge an additional $50 to any advertiser who has a check returned.
Accounts unpaid after forty-five (45) days will be granted additional advertising only at the discretion of
THE EAGLE Business Department. Accounts unpaid after sixty (60) days will be considered delinquent
and no further advertising will be accepted until the delinquent account is paid in full.
THE EAGLE policies, terms, conditions,
rates and deadlines herein are subject
to change without individual notice.
Additional questions should be directed
to the Business Department.
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